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A2O Twizel to Ohau Helibike

The A2O Helibike Alternative, Twizel To Lake Ohau!

Our apologies, ALL Helibike tours are currently on hold for this season due to land access issues. We apologise for the inconvenience.

A2O Helibike Map

Grade: 3 – Intermediate (Intermediate fitness required)
Duration: Allow 6 Hours, October to May
Price: $1895 for up to 5 people* plus bike hire, if required

NB: Even if you’ve booked on an Alps 2 Ocean Tour with another company, we will adapt our departure times to suit your group, just get your tour company to contact us.

If your bike is not suitable for mixed terrain off-road riding, we also have full suspension mountain bikes for hire at $75 per bike. Please add bike hire at the time of booking.

For those who want a bit more variety or excitement on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycleway, our Grand Greta Helibike Trip is an amazing off-road alternative to riding the Twizel Canal Roads, the first half of the 3rd section of the trail. This Helibike Adventure starts from Twizel and ends at the Ohau Weir, about half way along the Twizel to Ohau Village section of the cycle trail. From this half way point, you can either continue cycling along to the official Cycleway through to Ohau Village, or we can pick you up and take you back to Twizel.

 A2O Helibike Views

A2O Helibike Views from the summit of Ben Ohau

The adventure starts with a scenic helicopter flight over Twizel, the canals and along the Ben Ohau Mountain Range. A short but worthwhile walk from the landing site takes you up to the summit of Ben Ohau with its amazing 360-degree views over glacial lakes, mountains and an overview of the alpine sections of the A2O trail. Look down on the canal roads where everyone else is riding!

A2O Helibike

A2O Helibike down through a variety of scenery

Then, mountain bike down constantly changing scenery, along farm track, through a mountain gorge, a remnant beech forest, down a flowing grassy downhill and, finally, you end up on the shores of the beautiful Lake Ohau. We ride on a mix of surfaces and types of trails, it’s mostly downhill and, depending on the amount of rain, and there may be a few stream crossings. You get to appreciate some of the most varied scenery and terrain you’ll find on any single Helibike trip in New Zealand.

Although it’s a very different experience compared to riding alongside the canal roads far below, this ride is suitable for anyone who is comfortable riding a mountain bike off road on a variety of surfaces and/or is prepared to have a go. This is a real back-country adventure, with plenty of stops to admire the amazing views. It is not particularly technical but it is for the adventurous! We have had many couples on this trip with differing abilities and we make sure everyone gets to enjoy it at their own pace and riding comfort level.

To book direct, click on the [Book Now] button, choose the Grand Greta Group deal and specify it’s for the A2O Cycle trail.

Contact Helibike, the local Mountain Bike Experts for this and other Helibike options for alternative routes on the Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail.

* There are weight restrictions on all helicopter loads. If you have 5 people of above average weight and/or bikes with an average weight of over 15kg per bike, please advise us in advance. If you’re not sure, you must check. Helibike.com Ltd reserves the right to restrict the load number to 4 people if you are over the Helicopter Line load weight. There will be no discount or refund for groups of less than 5 people.

The stated Helibike Package prices are valid from October 2014 to May 2015 only and may be subject to change, you must confirm at the time of booking.

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