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Mountain Bike Hire

Mountain Bike Hire

Our Mountain Bike Hire is ONLY available on our Helibike or A2O Cycle Tours adventures. We use 2 styles of bikes depending on the sizes required:

GT Sensor Elite - All-mountain, full suspension bikes with 5″ of travel that soak up the bumps with their new 650B wheels…

GT Sensor Mountain Bike Hire

GT Sanction 2 – All-mountain, full suspension bikes with a plush 6″ of travel on 26″ wheels…

GT Sanction Bike Hire

Our helibike adventures are not technical but do have a range of surfaces and gradients. All these bikes are suitable, the choice will depend on your riding style, experience and personal preference. We can cater for Small (S) through to Large (L) sizes. If you need Mountain Bike Hire for your helibike trip, please ensure you record this with us at the time of booking. In peak season, we strongly advise you to pre-book all bikes to avoid disappointment. 

Bike Hire includes a mountain bike helmet and gloves, if required.

Bike Hire is $75 per bike per day. These bikes are ONLY available on our Helibike or A2O Cycle Tours Adventures.

Visit our FAQs page for frequently asked questions…

Non-Helibike Mountain Bike Rental:

We no longer rent mountain bikes for DIY trips. However, there are several other places we’d recommend for hiring mountain bikes from Twizel:

Mountain Chalets 

Address: Wairepo Road, Twizel, Canterbury, New Zealand
Phone: 03 435 0785,  Fax: 03 435 0612
, Reservations: 0800 62 99 99

Twizel Adventures

Address: Twizel Autos Services – The Home of Twizel Adventures
Phone: 027 4 TWIZEL (894935), 03 435 0760


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